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How it Works?

Send or Fetch?

Tell us whether you will like to send the package or get it fetched from somewhere

Point to the pickup and drop locations

On the map, please mark the locations from where you will like us to pick up and drop your stuff

Enjoy the payment flexibility

Please let us know that who will pay for the delivery and your goods, yourself or the receiver

You can also choose how that payment will be made. The payment can be made in cash, through credit card or through Sadad


Our Testimonial


I had the pleasure of being involved with the Delivus team from the product conception stage and I have been very impressed with the way they made sure to listen to us and incorporate our feedback in their product design. The team Delivus has helped

Instagram Cake Seller

I had the pleasure of being


I was looking for somebody to regularly deliver the strictly non glutten meal to my husband at his workplace. He was advised to have it fresh to avoid the repeat of his previous health scares. I was tired of trying the taxi and driver hailing apps.

housewife/individual customer

I was looking for somebody to


I am a busy executive with one of the prestigious employers in Saudi Arabia. The life is fast paced and am enjoying it. Unfortunately, I have got a medical condition which requires regular management through medicines and diet control. One day,

Business Executive

I am a busy executive with

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