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Go to menu --> track you package. Enter the transaction ID of your order and press track. You will find all the details of your order. You can also track your order in the history.
Go to menu --> history and you can find the details of all the orders you have placed along with their status.
Contact our support team. Go to menu--> about and support for more details.
You can either call us, text us, whatsapp us or write an email. Go to menu --> about & support for contact details.
The Delivus app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play store.
The driver details are sent by SMS to you once a driver is allotted for your order. The details are also sent on a push message in your app. You can also find details of the allotted driver by clicking on any in progress order.
You can change the language to either English or Arabic. Go to Menu & Click on your name. You will see the option to change language. Select the language you want to use.
Go to Menu, click on you name. You will see the option to change the password. Provide the current and the new password to reset it.
Go to menu, click on you name. You will see the option to change the Mobile number. Your current number will also be displayed. Change the new number you want to use in future. You will receive SMS on the new phone number. Put the OTP (SMS) in the app and your number will be updated.